How to make fabric bunting

For her arrival, I made my lovely Goddaughter a baby quilt in the fabrics of the Very Hungry Caterpillar (bought from Spotlight).  I was really happy with the result.

Her mum (my friend!) came to visit me recently, and while we chatted and drank tea we made some matching bunting to decorate the nursery using the scraps from the quilt and some coordinating colours.  We chose the spots from the Very Hungry Caterpillar range, and then some yellow and orange fabric (which has small spots on it) with red binding.


I used this pattern from as our guide, and we used the 7.75 inch triangles (although, the method is the same no matter the size).  There’s lots of different sites on the internet offering patterns and instructions, but I found the chickabug pattern good.  Here’s the method we used.

Cutting the triangles wasn’t hard, but we found it was easiest when we cut the fabric into 7.75 inch strips before we applied the pattern.  That’s something I didn’t read in the instructions I had seen elsewhere on the internet.

We then pinned together pairs of triangles, pretty sides facing towards each other, and sewed along the two longer sides of the triangle.

Once they had all been sewn, we turned them around the right way, and pressed them.

We lined them up in the order we wanted them assembled, and then prepared to use bias binding to join the triangles together.

We used the medium-width bias binding available from Lincraft.  It puckered a little bit, but I don’t think that’s a deal-breaker.  It just reflects the little bit of stretch and strength you get with the bias.  I found it helpful to press the bias binding in half before pinning the triangles in to the binding, as this meant I didn’t have to wrestle with small, unruly strips of fabric.

One long seam along the binding, and it was done.

It’s pretty, washable, and personal.  I think it makes a lovely gift for a child’s room.  It was also quick – we made a bunting 6 metres long in less than 3 hours.

Most importantly, we had such fun catching up and sewing the afternoon away.


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