Vintage cakes are in

Is it ok to call the 80’s vintage?  Well, I’m going to.

I love to bake.  For better or worse, I love eating good cake.  But I’m going to make a bold prophecy, based primarily on my eating preferences.

The time for fondant cake decoration has ended.  The time for dessert that involves more icing than cake is over.  Cake decorations that look more like artworks than food are done.

That’s not to insult the very talented people who can create people and flowers and a whole world of modelled masterpieces out of fondant.  It’s quite a skill, and I appreciate that.   I just don’t ever want to eat it.

The prophecy is this:  remember those Woman’s Weekly birthday cakes that your mum made back when you were a kid?  The cake numbers, the train, the swimming pool (jelly in a cake!  Amazing!)?  I think those cakes are coming back.

Luckily, the Woman’s Weekly has reissued the cake cookbook that started it all.  Check it out here.  I’ve seen it for sale for as low as $10 at Big W.

I don’t follow their instructions as to the cake itself, given most of it is based on packet cakes, but the decorations are fun, and fun to eat.

Here’s some recent efforts:

IMG_0648 IMG_0649

I made this for my sister’s 30th birthday… a dolly varden isn’t just for a little girl!

And this one for a friend’s son’s first birthday:

Hamish Christening 2014 02 02 092

So very easy, and so enjoyable for kids to eat.  The adults seemed pretty happy too.

There’s just something about their simplicity that really appeals to me.  I like the idea of cakes that the eaters can have some fun with, just like we did as kids.  It’s also nice to spend some time making the cake inside exciting, rather than spending all the time and effort on the exterior alone.  I also like that the packet cake option makes a homemade and decorated cake accessible even for the busy mum or inexperienced baker.

Maybe it’s just a whole lot of memories coming back, but my prophecy is that fondant is out, and vintage cakes, with all of their imperfections, are in.


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