Love for Liberty Lifestyle

I mentioned a while ago that I love Liberty fabrics.

Here’s some pictures of my recent acquisitions – I can’t wait to use them!


Here’s the Bloomsbury Gardens range.  It’s summery and cheerful.

It also comes in this colourway:


Oops, yes, I bought that one too.

My favourite, though, is the Stile collection.  It’s so wonderfully Deco!


I’ve been trying to decide what I should use them for.  A quilt, of course… but I haven’t decided on a design.  Perhaps because they are relatively new, or perhaps because such busy prints can be confronting, there aren’t many examples I can find on the interwebs of the exciting ways they could be used.

Your suggestions are welcome!

The weight of the Liberty Lifestyle collection is so much easier to quilt with than Tana Lawn.  While the Tana Lawn feels beautiful and silky, I find it is prone to small puckers in the sewing process simply because it is so fine.  I still use the Tana Lawn, particularly to make clothes for my little girl, but the Liberty Lifestyle is the way to go if you want to quilt it.

On an unrelated note, I adore the Liberty shirts that Sportscraft now produces.  They feel great to wear, and are like a little sign I can wear into my day that says “I love colour!” or “Yes, I am a sewing enthusiast, thanks for asking!”  After all, only another fabric nerd would know it’s a Liberty.  You’d be surprised how many people will come up to me on the street, comment on my shirt, and then strike up a conversation about fabrics, prints, design and sewing.  It’s almost like a little badge that only a like-minded person sees.  Anyway, I love them.

Have a great day.


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