Quilted cover for an iPad Mini

I have a friend with a birthday coming up.  She has an iPad Mini that she loves, and it seems so vulnerable, floating around in her giant handbag.

She (like me) is also a big fan of all things Liberty of London.

It seems to me that the perfect gift would be a protective cover for her iPad Mini, made from fabric I know she will adore.

Searching the interwebs today, I’ve found a range of options for making one, but these few look like the pick of the crop:

This one, from Laura Mae of Instructables – the finished product looks appealing

This one, from Jacqui Cheng of ars technica – great look and clear instructions, but it doesn’t seem to have any padding.  It also seems to leave one side of the device quite exposed.

This one from Huckleberry Love – it looks quick and easy

The one I am going to make, though, is this one, from Christina Lane of Sometimes Crafter (well, it is meant for a Kindle, but I think I can adapt it to my requirements!).  It’s pretty, padded with quilter’s wadding, and seems to provide complete cushioning for the device.  It looks like a lot more work, but hey, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

So – yay! – I can now make something with the gorgeous Liberty fabric.  Pictures, and a review of the Sometimes Crafter directions, will be posted shortly.



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