Liberty quilted iPad mini cover

I’ve finished making the quilted iPad Mini cover for my friend’s birthday.  I’m really happy with how the finished product looks!



In the end, I downloaded a pattern from Etsy – the Schoolhouse Patterns e-clutch design.

I think it’s the Liberty fabric that really makes it.

Tips I learned for next time:  be very careful about the Velcro alignment.  Mine works, but either having a bigger piece, or making sure that the piece of Velcro on the flap was closer to the edge would make it seal up better.


The flap, assembled. Next time, I’ll move the Velcro down towards the bottom of the flap just a little more.

Also, the lining was a tiny bit bubbly.  I might try making it a little smaller next time, despite the measurements in the pattern.

Still, I think the recipient will be happy!


The sandwich of layers, all ready to sew the top!


The exterior, with pocket, ready to go into the final sandwich of layers.


The finished product, with the flap open.


Once the sandwich is sewn together, turning it the right way around.

It was much easier to make than I expected, and took far less time than I had thought it would.  Win!


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