Craft in regional Queensland: Mackay

I’m always impressed by the standard and accessibility of great quality craft stores in regional Queensland. I truly think there’s better quality gear in smaller, Main Street style stores of country and regional towns than there is in the city’s suburbs.

A great example is Mackay crafting establishment, the Crafty Cat.


If you are ever in the centre of town, pop in.

Be warned, it is cluttered. Seriously, there is stuff everywhere.


But that’s totally worth it for the great service that the Dillon family give, the warm welcome and helpful attitude. Seriously, they have everything you could want for all kinds of paper crafts, and the very best cake decorating range I have ever seen, even in the capital.


I popped in today, got a new stamp and an inkpad from my favourite brand, for a reasonable price.  While I was there, the owners were helping a customer to make a customised guest book for an 18th birthday, and it looked like there was some cake-decorating instruction going on down the back of the shop.

There’s a reason I stop in every time I am in the neighbourhood.

Next time you take a road trip, consider stopping in at the local sewing or craft store. You’ll get great country hospitality, and a surprisingly good selection. The willingness to share ideas is second to none.  Plus, you’ll likely be helping a family business… and that always feels good.


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