My “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” quilt

My sister is a very impressive person.  She recently earned a significant prize from her final year at university.  To celebrate her accomplishment, it seemed to me that a fitting tribute to the journey she has travelled was a quilt in the fabric range by Robert Kaufman that uses the motifs from Dr Seuss’ book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

If you have read the story, you will know what I mean.  It is a book filled with life advice that is valuable to adults!

Here’s the result (I should have pressed the quilt before I photographed it… instead I just pulled it straight off her lounge.  At least it gets used!):

2014-05-18 11.23.02


It was the first time I had worked with printed panels.  There are ten panels in the range, but I couldn’t think of an arrangement of ten that would work as well as nine did.

A criticism I had of the panels is that they were not printed perfectly straightly on the grain of the fabric.  That meant cutting was hard, and I ultimately chose to have the grain straight, even if that meant the image was a little wobbly.  If there’s a design that can accommodate wobbles, it is Dr Seuss!

2014-05-18 11.22.33

I fussy-cut the fabrics so that designs like the balloons and elephants with flags all went in the same direction.  It was worth it, in my view!  Each panel was bordered with a bright fabric, and then sashed in white.

On the back, I used another Dr Seuss fabric, albeit not from the “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” range.

2014-05-18 11.26.10

I made a scrappy binding of the remaining licensed fabrics from the range (I don’t like to waste them, particularly given this colour scheme isn’t one I’m likely to use often), which I think worked really well.

The quilting is a nice, simple stipple that complements the wobbliness of all things Dr Seuss.  I’m really happy with how it turned out – and more importantly, so is my sister.  When I gave it to her, I wrapped it around a copy of the book.

For me, it was an adventure in new things:  using panels, and a colour scheme I don’t ordinarily gravitate to.  When taking a few risks works out well, it is extra-satisfying!

Have a great day,


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