Fabulous Fabric Friday: Miss Kate by Bonnie and Camille

2014-05-28 22.56.01

I’m very happy to have got my hands on the new Bonnie and Camille fabric range, Miss Kate.  I was so excited when my parcel from the Quilters and Embroiderer’s Store arrived!

2014-05-28 22.56.06

Bonnie and Camille always make such wonderful, vintage-inspired designs.

I thought I’d crack open the pack and take some pics of the different colour themes inside, so that you can get an idea of the different looks you can achieve with it, by focussing on one or a few of the colours used.  Sometimes it’s great to throw every colour in the pack at one project, but as I learned with April Showers, sometimes holding one or two of the colours on their own can be even better.

Here’s the reds:

2014-05-28 22.58.02

The blues:

2014-05-28 23.03.37

The aquas:

2014-05-28 22.59.26

The greys, which I particularly like in this range:

2014-05-28 23.00.22

The oranges… the colour of them hasn’t shown up perfectly in my pic.  They have a peachy tone to them.

2014-05-28 23.02.47

And finally, the greens.

2014-05-28 23.01.37

I’m going to have some fun with these.  They have also been made in flannel… perfect for a winter snuggle.  I’m thinking of a project with the red, blue and grey tones.

These seem to be hitting quilt stores in Australia about now, but if you want flannel, then you had better move fast.  For some reason, it is always harder to get!

Happy Friday everyone!


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