The creative process

Every creative person has a different process for putting together their ideas.  Somehow, we all get from nothing, to inspired, to practical.

I always find fabric inspiring.  Seeing the colours and patterns gets my mind racing with possibilities.

Once that’s happened, things usually start with a blank piece of paper, a few coloured pens and a calculator (nothing worse that not checking those seam allowances early, and finding it doesn’t all add up down the track!).  If it’s a bigger project, I’ll calculate yardage at this stage, so I don’t run out of what I need mid-project.

Here’s the inspiration I had today.  It’s my plan for a 35cm (almost 14 inch) square child’s cushion with letters appliqued onto it.  I’ll post the result once I’ve turned inspiration into action!



This was a simple drawing that took me just a few minutes.  But I should add that sometimes I’ll think for days, even weeks, before I’ve got the plan worked out in my head.  That’s especially so when I need to think through new techniques or unfamiliar colour combinations.

How does your creative process work?


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