Is there anything better than…

2014-07-22 14.32.03

Here’s some positivity for your afternoon.  Is there anything better than…

1.  The moment when you open the block up to find that all of the points match perfectly?  It never ceases to make me smile.

2.  The feeling that you’ve mastered something you once found tricky?  I got that feeling when I joined the ends of my binding on a quilt on Sunday night.  Only a few months ago, that part was dreaded, and took me ages!  This time it was just a few quick minutes.

3.  Looking at a completed project, knowing that it is perfect, even with (and because of) its imperfections?  I feel that way about my scrappy chevron quilt.

4.  Cutting a project and having no, or very little, fabric waste?

5.  Knowing that you made something special, of high quality, that will still be treasured 40 years from now?

*Ahhh*  Making really is a joy.

That’s 5 things I love about making.  What are your top 5?


One thought on “Is there anything better than…

  1. 1. Relaxing with the sewing machine after doing the housework and getting stuck into a new project guilt free!
    2. The feeling of accomplishment when said project is completed!
    3. Spending endless hours putting together wish list of fabric on the internet and projects to use fabric.
    4. Ringing up your other crafty friend to boast about completed project and planning next one.
    5. Making something that you can touch and feel for years.

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