Christmas decoration patterns for English paper piecing

Hello hello!

By Christmas time this year I expect that my lovely little daughter will be in her first few weeks of walking.  That’s all very exciting, but it means that our beautiful collection of glass Christmas decorations won’t be making an appearance this year!

Now is the time for me to get an alternate plan in place.  Since I have been bitten by the English paper piecing (EPP) bug, and it’s wonderful portability, I’ve designed a few simple decorations that Mum and I will whip up over the next few weeks.

That way, our tree will still have decorations, but they will be soft and safe for little hands and mouths.

Pics will come in time, but given how hard I found it to find free downloadable patterns that I could just print and cut out, I thought I would share now the patterns for what I came up with.

First, here’s the rough plan of what I’m making.


Here’s the templates for the diamonds that go together to make the star or the snowflake.


Here’s the Christmas tree pattern.  I’ll use different fabric for the trunk, and some embellishments for a star on top, I think.


Here’s the love heart.


Here’s the pointy pentagons.


The templates are nothing fancy, but they are convenient.

If you decide to make some too, please share!  I’ll do the same once I make some progress.

Happy Friday everyone!


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