Ice Cream Dress by Oliver and S

I’m no expert when it comes to sewing clothing.  It has taken the arrival of my darling little girl to make me get a bit better at it.

I fell in love with the pattern for this dress when shopping at my local stitchery one Saturday afternoon, and couldn’t leave it behind.  I was told it was super-easy…

It wasn’t.  It was probably the most challenging sewing project I have done all year.

Nevertheless, it was worth the trouble.  It looks amazing, I love it every time I see it and now I know a whole lot more about making clothes.  Can you believe I didn’t know what a yoke was until now?! 🙂

Here’s the front.  I particularly love the little pockets with their red trim and little V’s at the top.

Oct 2014 018

On the back, there’s a lovely fastening at the top.  The lady who served me in the sewing store when I went to buy one button (15c, big spender!) thought I was nuts.  The fabric I used was from Bonnie and Camille’s Scrumptious range (surprise surprise!).

Oct 2014 023

If you are a better seamstress than I, you can get the pattern here. 

Have a wonderful day!


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