A new addiction: hand carving stamps

Normally my crafty pursuits have a sewing flavour to them.  Well, I have a new addiction at the moment, and it is also great fun and highly practical.

I’ve been hand-carving stamps from rubber blocks, and then using pigment ink pads to stamp them.  I’ve made lots of cards, and have a plan in my mind to try printing fabric soon.  I’ve just got to work out the right ink to use… anyway…

Dec blog pics 002

It’s fun, easy, and gives a product you can use over and over again to create using different colours, or layering with other stamps.

Dec blog pics 001

Bundle them together in a bunch with a nice ribbon, and you have a pretty gift, ready to go!  I’ve put together a number of card bundles for Christmas gifts this year.

Dec blog pics 004

My online research said that that Staedler Mastercarve blocks were the way to go, but I couldn’t find anywhere in Australia that sold them.  The good news is that the Ezy-Carve Rubber Blocks you can get from Eckersley’s are excellent.  Lino cutting tools and an X-Acto knife are all you need to do the carving.  If you want to get fancy, some pencils and tracing paper can be handy too.  Oh, and ink!  Don’t forget ink and cards!

The Ezy-Carve blocks are super simple to cut, and give a really good finish when inked.  Wash them up gently in water, with no abrasives.  Just rinse with your hand and dab it on an old cloth to try.  It’s all you need to do.

It’s much easier to cut than lino, and doesn’t bend when washed up, so it can be re-used with a great finish over and over.  Give it a go some time.  You’ll be impressed.  (Impressed – did you get that?  An inadvertent stamp joke!)


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