Multi-layered hand cut stamps

I’ve only had my hand-cut stamp obsession for a short time, but I have recently managed to take it to the next level by designing stamps with several parts, so that they can be printed in layers to give a more complex result.

Here’s the little owl I tried it out on:

Dec 2014 iphone pics 003 Dec 2014 iphone pics 004

The first layer is blue, the second lilac, and on top is pepper (charcoalish kind of grey).

Here’s what you need to do it:

Dec 2014 iphone pics 014 Dec 2014 iphone pics 013

All the regular stuff for cutting stamps:  an Ezy-Carve rubber block, lino cutting tools, an Xacto knife, pigment ink pads, a ruler.  If you aren’t comfortable drawing freehand, a pencil and tracing paper will come in handy, too.

Cut your rubber stamps with the three layers in mind:

Dec 2014 iphone pics 006

You can see there’s nothing fancy about them, but when you bring them together the result is pretty cute.

Dec 2014 iphone pics 010

The beauty of using layers in a design like this is that it gives the owls’ eyes expressive qualities.  They all look like they are looking in different places, which I think gives them a nice, quirky look.

Then all that is left to do is go crazy, and stamp away!

Dec 2014 iphone pics 008

Have fun.


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