Speedy table runner

For Christmas, my lovely little girl was given a new dresser by her grandma and grandpa.  I was concerned that, with the amount of junk that goes through her room (often via the dresser), it was at risk of damage without something to protect it.

April 2015 032

Enter… the speedy runner!  I whipped this up during two occasions when my husband said he “just needs to quickly check ebay”.  I’d say it took 2 hours from idea to finished – not bad, in my view.

April 2015 024

It only took one charm pack, a few scraps of batting and some backing and binding fabric (I used Miss Kate to bind, and a happy-go-lucky charm pack, both by Bonnie and Camille and selected to match a quilt I had already made for the room).

April 2015 028

I finished the last of the binding on the bus to work… voila!  I’m really happy with how it looks in its new home, and am reassured by knowing there’s something in place to protect her furniture.

April 2015 033

Have a great day!



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