At last! Spell it with Moda quilt top is complete

July 2015 032

It’s probably been the slowest project I have ever taken on… but at last the Spell it with Moda alphabet quilt top is ready to finish.


I’m so happy with a few decisions I made along the way: to omit the picture blocks that were slotted in irregularly to even out the size (I just used white panels at the end of the rows and centred the letters instead) and to add a really bright border made from the scraps of the piecing of the letters.  I think the border really makes it pop!

I’ve used a mix of all of the Bonnie and Camille bits and pieces I have accumulated over recent years, in an effort to tidy up my fabric stash.  There’s Marmalade, Scrumptious, April Showers and Happy-Go-Lucky in there, each contrasted with the white Bella Solid.

This will be hung on my little girl’s bedroom wall.  I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Have a great day.


Bedlinen for doll’s furniture

My little girl is into dolls all of a sudden.  I bought her a little doll bed from Ikea, but the linen that came with it was… awful.  So, I dug out some scraps and decided to make something better for her.

July 2015 061

I rustled up some leftover April Showers (and probably some other Bonnie and Camille bits and pieces) and printed out from the internet some hexagon templates onto thicker paper.

I cut out the hexagons carefully, then used an EPP glue stick to baste the fabric on to the hexagons.

Then I set to work at joining the hexagons.  The little pillow came together very quickly, as did the mattress, but the doll’s quilt took a bit longer.  I think there’s probably about two weeks worth of short TV shows in there (to be fair, I sew small stitches and don’t watch a lot of TV 🙂 ).

July 2015 062

Last night I put the quilt top together with some wadding and backing (matching the mattress and the back of the pillow – also from April Showers)  and when my little girl woke up this morning there was a nice surprise for her.

She loved it!  So do I… and I love that I am teaching her that the best toys are handmade.  Now she can get back to her favourite game, which consists of feeding, putting to bed, putting on nappies and clothes, and toilet training one poor harangued doll.  If that poor doll could speak!

Since the favourite doll was in bed with little miss, these three got tucked in for the first snooze in the new linen.  They seem pretty happy about it!

July 2015 063

The great thing about working with paper pieces is that you don’t need a pattern or a fixed design, you can work it out as you go, adding another row here or there as you like.

Have a great day.


Another soft play rattle ball

I keep getting great feedback on the soft play rattle ball I made from the pattern in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  For more details, check out this older post of mine, where I made one from April Showers by Bonnie and Camille.  It turned out like this:

2014-08-31 19.09.32

Now, I’ve been hard at work using up Liberty scraps to make soft play rattle balls for the children of friends of mine as Christmas presents.  All little people I know have loved them so far!

October 2014 018

October 2014 017

And let’s face it, everything is better in Liberty.

As far as is possible, I’m trying to make this a handmade Christmas.  So far so good!  I’ll share some extra projects with you in the coming days.

Have a great day!


Charm star: finished!

A little while ago, I posted a picture of the Charm Star quilt top I’d made my mum for mother’s day.  Here is the final result.photo4

On the advice of a creatively brave friend of mine, I quilted it in navy blue thread rather than white (my usual, very safe choice).  I’m really happy with the way that the dark thread shows off the quilting.  It meant I had to be sure to do a perfect job!


I bound it in an aqua polka-dot fabric from the April Showers range.  It links nicely to the fabrics in the star, and ties it all together.

Mum loves it.  I think my grandmother wants to pinch it!  I’ll just have to make her a different one.