Red letter day – done!

My talented quilting buddies Julia and Liz and I have finished our Red Letter Day project.  Didn’t it turn out wonderfully!?

Red Letter Day

The pattern is by Camille Roskelley, and can be purchased from her blog.  The fabrics are largely Bonnie and Camille, with a few other nice ones thrown in there!

Julia and I made the blocks, and Liz was responsible for the quilting.  What a team we are 🙂

Those same people, Julia and Liz have a new venture that I can’t wait to support.  Their online fabric store, went live today!  If you are looking for fabulous fabric, check them out.

Have a great day,


“Fresh” block #2

Hello hello…

Fresh block number 2 is now complete.  It took a lot longer than I expected, mainly due to interruptions rather than any particular difficulty with the project.  Here it is!

2014-07-16 09.57.54The process of very carefully trimming each half-square triangle patch to exactly 4.5″ made a huge difference to the ease of assembly and the quality of the points.

There’s one step I haven’t mastered, and that I will need to improve for the next block, and that is making sure that the way I press my seams at the time of putting the 9 patch unit together anticipates the direction that I will need those seams to be in when it comes to joining the four 9 patch units together into a star.  Never mind, I’ve got to have something to work on.

If you’d like to compare block #2 to #1, you can see #1 here.  The fabric I am using in all of them is the Bonnie and Camille Scrumptious layer cake with Bella Solids white.

Happy sewing,


Making the “Fresh” block

I’ve been thinking a lot about the more complex patterns that can be made with simple shapes.  Using just squares and half-square triangles (HSTs), the pattern for the “Fresh” quilt, designed by Camille Roskelley, makes a large, beautiful star.

So of course, I started making one.  It’s the perfect quilt to make with layer cakes and yardage of a background fabric.  I love a good layer cake project!  There’s something about the manageability of a 10″ square that appeals, along with the great variety of prints it permits across the whole of the quilt.

I had a lapse when I made my first quarter-block (I blame the sleepless nights that come with a small child).  I forgot to trim the HSTs to precisely 4.5″ before assembling the 9-patch unit.  Big mistake.  After trying to fiddle with the points a couple of times, I just unpicked the whole thing and started again.  Sigh.  Still, it is a good reminder that I shouldn’t forget, or get slack about, the fundamentals.  Anyway, nothing that the quick-unpick and a bit of time couldn’t fix.

Thereafter, everything went much better.

Here’s what a single block looks like.



It’s pretty big – around 24.5″.  You don’t need to many of these before you have a nice, big quilt!

This block isn’t perfect, but it’s a good start. Sometimes I think a little imperfection is nice.

The pattern is from Camille’s book, Simply Retro.  The fabric I have used is Scrumptious, by Bonnie and Camille, and a Moda Bella Solid in white.

Work and life generally have kept me from the craft room for the last few weeks, but getting back in there to do this block gave me so much joy!  I never regret making time to spend sewing.  I’m so blessed to have a hobby I love, and a place in which to practise it.

With a bit of luck, I’ll get some more time in there this weekend.


Clever Camille’s Australian tour

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Camille Roskelley’s talk at the Quilters’ Store in Salisbury, Queensland.  Such a lovely evening!

2014-06-11 19.10.21

It was the first time I had attended an event for Quilters other than a quilt show.  I was surprised by a few things:

1. the sheer number of attendees.  I thought I was one of only a few fabric nerds in my home city!

2. the average age of attendees – younger than I expected.  Quite a few people in my age group, 25-35 ish.  I’m so pleased to see that traditional crafts still have a lot of young practitioners.

3.  the level of excitement.  I swear I heard a few squeals that would have rivalled those of a teen One Direction fan.

So there you are.  Camille, it turns out you have groupies.  Who would have thought?

On the night there was a great selection of Bonnie and Camille goods for sale, but the most enjoyable part was being able to see and touch, up close, the quilts Camille brought with her from home, and hearing about the process by which she and her mother design fabric.

I restrained myself, and only bought these:

2014-06-12 09.36.04

I had been eyeing Camille’s books off for a while, but had hesitated because I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shipping, and books are heavy (and usually expensive) to post.  I can’t wait to get into them.

The evening was a lovely one, full of pleasant surprises.