Bloomsbury Gardens quick quilt top

2014-07-16 21.47.35

Last night, I finally decided to use the fat eighth pack of Liberty Bloomsbury Gardens in the blue colourway to make a simple quilt.  It is only small – 40″ x 36″ approx. – a size I like to call telly rug size.  Perfect for a grandma to have over her knees as she watches TV in the chilly Queensland evenings (don’t laugh, this winter it has been cold by our standards!).

That’s precisely what I am making it for.  I’ll give it to my nana.

The picture shows only a part of the quilt top, but it is the same style all over.  It’s a simple jumble of 5″ squares.  It worked well for the fat eighths, because for most of them I could get 8 patches from an eighth, with almost no waste.  With fabric this expensive, no waste is important.

In fact, the picture doesn’t do it justice, because each patch of fabric is so beautiful, that it is easy to be drawn into it and look at that one patch for quite a long time.

I had hesitated about how to use this fabric, partly because it is so beautiful, but also because the coastal colours aren’t the kind I use a lot, and so I was hesitant about how to put so many busy patterns with lots of shades therein together.  But then, I saw the June 2014 issue of Homespun magazine, and it had a project that used Liberty Tana Lawns to make an even smaller quilt, and it gave me confidence that very busy could also be very good.  It also helped me to decide that these busy fabrics needed a simple pattern, so that their detail could be seen.  I think it was the right decision.

I’ll post another picture once it is quilted and bound. I’ve chosen spotty aqua yardage from the happy-go-lucky range by Bonnie and Camille for the backing.  I already had it at home, it was a good colour match, and I prefer patterned backings (it’s just easier to keep it looking clean).  I’ll bind it in the same, too.

Not bad for a very short sewing session last night!

Have a great day,


Fabulous fabric friday


Today I have something a bit different for fabulous fabric Friday.  Something cheap and simple, and then something expensive and special.

First things first.  Someone very special to me is a teacher.  She has a class of year one students, and because they are only just a little bit bigger than babies, she keeps some European pillows in a corner at the back of the classroom for those badly in need of a nap, or for those who aren’t feeling well.

Before this school year started, she said that she would like some new pillowcases for them.  The ones that came with the classroom were brown.  Where’s the fun in that?

So, I have made her some new pillowcases using this fabric that I picked up from Lincraft.

2014-06-12 21.41.262014-06-12 21.42.08

What child doesn’t love puppies?  Particularly puppies wearing striped and polka-dot coats…

It’s the JoAnn brand that I seem to only see at Lincraft.  It was $9.99 from the furnishing fabrics section.  I wouldn’t use it for quilting, but for the heavy-duty work these pillowcases will be doing, furnishing fabric was perfect.

A week later it was even a further 30% off!

Because it is furnishing fabric, it is extra-wide too.  It meant I could do one whole pillowcase with just a 65cm wide cut.  Unlike most crafty projects, this is one that actually turns out to be cost effective when compared with the cost of just buying a ready-done pillowcase.  It’s a whole lot cuter, too.

If you have ever thought about making European pillowcases for a play room, or even for an adult’s bed, here’s the pattern I drew up and used.  I’ve tested it out, and it works really well.  Super easy.



Now here’s the special stuff.  Liberty Tana Lawn in the Susannah pattern.  I love the yellow and blue colourway, and have used it on so many pretty projects.

2014-06-12 21.57.01

Look at the detail in this.  From the centres of the sunflowers, filled with love hearts, to the delicate edges of each petal, it’s the perfect example of why Liberty are known as “art fabrics”.

2014-06-12 21.57.16

I just love it.

2014-06-12 21.57.08

Have a look here at the rainbow colourway.  I even have this Sportscraft dress made from the blue and white colourway.  Very soon, it will be released in a pink and white colourway, see here.  The purple and green is lovely too.  The Etsy store that I have linked to, Alice Caroline Supply, has the whole range.

At around $40 a metre, you had better have something special in mind for it before you buy, but everything that I make from Tana Lawn has a beautiful texture, silky and light.  It also washes beautifully.  Just remember to use a very fine needle, and even a finer thread, when you sew with it.  I tend to use Superior Threads’ Bottom Line with Tana Lawn.  It’s not designed for that purpose, but I have it already for quilting and it is fine enough to get a lovely finish.

Happy Friday everyone!